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Penned by Doug Davison (Strip Club Moms), the ten tracks of this self-titled record were home recorded in the summer of 2010. They are love songs about women, cars, barbecue, and aging gracefully that are destined to age gracefully.


released September 1, 2010



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parapet Fort Myers, Florida

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Track Name: Concerning myself with the fate of a band
Listen baby, sweetheart, doll, there's something you should know about your man. Lately I've been questioning my faith in all my gesturing, questioning what really makes a man. Am I just too late, or in a cryogenic state concerning myself with the fate of a band?
Track Name: Total description of art
Come back, let's do it all over girl, yesterday was fine. In every minute of every hour of this great life of mine. I don't know what I did to make me deserve this. In every eye of every fish, on every single grocery list. I know it may sound cheesy, but everything that's good ain't easy... total description of art. I know that I sound cheesy, but everything that's good ain't easy... total description of art.
Track Name: Ebonics
She may not understand electronics. She may not know much about the sea. But my baby speaks ebonics, and that says everything to me. If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. At least that's what I hear 'em say. Well I ain't dumb, nor am I so tough, and I'm happy just that way. (Ripping guitar break). These days it's easy to label everyone and every single thing you see. My baby speaks ebonics, and that says everything to me. My baby speaks ebonics, and that just the way it be.
Track Name: Carson
At indie rock record store banter, he's clearly the leader. He can find you anything, from Abba to Zebra. Think of all the jokes you'll hear, while you just stand there... poking fun at some odd band, while tossing 'round his big hair. The way he steals your interest, it's sorta like grand larson. You don't have to second guess: I'm talkin bout Carson. Whether selling rock n' roll salvation or making a Kiss compilation...
Track Name: Lemons
Let's watch the sun rise from your Sunbird. Let's make big plans in my van. I can spend a decade in your Escalade. I wanna lie in your sedan. Let's get one thing straight, this sounds like a double date with us and our cars; baby, you can drive my car.
Track Name: Living Room
If you wanna suprise her, then build a drum riser in your living room. If you wanna throw her, then turn on the blower in the living room. I don't know what I was thinking, thinking about that. I don't know what it was stinking, stinking up the place that we're at.
Track Name: The bold and the beautiful
You tell me you're beautiful, and I think I can see that now. Maybe we could get it together somehow. Life can be so hectic, maybe I can slow it down. Or maybe I can just mess up this town. I can tell you tales of adventure, stories of love and splendor, but I can't tell you anything tonight. You're younger than the rest of us, but you're older than the restless night. You're bold and you're beautiful. You tell me that you like the sun, but you don't hang with anyone who's actually in the sun.
Track Name: Eight o'clock prime time
Maybe you'd make the perfect step. Maybe you are the perfect mess. Maybe I'm not much better, I guess. But you'd make the perfect step to take. Paint the town red for me, I forgot mine. This is us at eight o'clock primetime. Paint the town red for me, I forgot mine. This is us at eight o'clock primetime. You seem to sing those same songs you sang.
Track Name: BBQ days
It was too hot to handle and too hot to hold, those barbeque days are for young and old. Too hot to touch and too cold to serve, those barbeque days I barely deserve. Someone brought doritos and fritos, soda and grapes. Hell, there's even pickles and carrots and deviled eggs. But wait... I never had a chance to love you.
Track Name: Tampa thing
If Three Doors Down is playing, you can bet she'll be there. She's got great big puffy 80's New Jersey heavy metal hair. Times have changed; she has not; I think I want what she's got. She's got a toe ring and clitoris ring, oh man, good god man, she's a Tampa thing. Good god, man. Good god, man!